Slack Integration

You can integrate this app with your Slack account and shorten directly from the Slack interface using the command line below. This Slack integration will save all of your links in your account in case you need to access them later. Please see below how to use the command.


The Slack command will return you the short link if everything goes well. In case there is an error, it will return you the error.

If you have set a default domain in your Settings, it will attempt to use that domain to shorten links.

Slack Command


Shorten link


Shorten link with custom name

To send a custom alias, use the following parameter (ABCDXYZ). This will tell the script to shorten the link with the custom alias ABCDXYZ.

					/recut (google)

Get last 5 clicks

You can get last 5 clicks if you preceed the short link with “clicks:” as follows.

					/recut clicks:

Enter the link here whose stats you want to see


You can always use the help command if you need help or remind you how it works.

					/recut help

To get help

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