Slack Integration

You can integrate this app with your Slack account and shorten directly from the Slack interface using the command line below. This Slack integration will save all of your links in your account in case you need to access them later. Please see below how to use the command.


Slack Command

This is the base command that activates the link shortening tool within Slack.



Paste any long URL after /recut to instantly get a shortened version.

Command: /recut https://[your long URL]

Example: /recut

Shorten with Custom Name

Create a memorable, easy-to-share link with your chosen alias.

Command: /recut (your custom alias) https://[your long URL]

Example: /recut (google)

Get Last 5 Clicks

Track the last five clicks on any link you've shortened with /recut.

Example: /recut clicks:

Get Command Assistance


Get a quick overview of how to use all the /recut commands.

Command: /recut help

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