Shortcuts Integration

Shortcuts in an app developed by Apple and it allows you to create an automation. You can download our powerful Shortcut and you will be able to shorten links in a snap and save it directly in your account.

How does it work?

The Shortcut works in various ways:


If you want shorten the current viewing page, tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen and it will shorten the current URL. It will copy the short URL directly to your clipboard so you can paste it somewhere.


To use Siri, copy a link and ask Siri “Shorten Link” and it will shorten the link for you and copy it to your clipboard.


You can also run the Shortcut by just holding a link then tap Share and you will see Shorten Link in the list.

How to install it?

1.  Make sure you have the Shortcuts app, if not you can download it from the App Store:  Download Shortcuts.

2. Download Recut Shortcut

3. After installation, you will be presented with a configuration screen where you need to enter the API URL and the API key

  • API URL:
  • API Key : Your API Key Here

4. After the configuration is complete, you can start shortening links directly from your device in a single tap.

Integrate links with the platform you use.

Connect with popular tools and boost your productivity.


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