Why use url shortener ?


Did you ever notice why people use URL shorteners? Find out why!

Have you ever seen short, weird links online? You know, the ones that look like ” rcut.in/shortlink ” or ” rcut.in/recut “? Those aren’t typos — they’re shortened URLs, and there are a few good reasons why people use them.

Why shorten a good link?

  1. Easier to share: Long, cluttered links are hard to share, especially on social media where there’s a character limit. Shorter links are neat and organized, making your post look more appealing.

  2. Tracking clicks: Many URL shortening tools let you see how many people have clicked on your links. This is very helpful if you’re running a business or promoting something online.

  3. Hiding messy links: Some links are just ugly, full of weird characters and code. Shortening them makes them easier to see and less scary to click.

  4. Customizing your links: Some services let you personalize your short links, making them easier to remember or brand.

  5. Limited space: If you are printing something or have limited space to display the link, a short link will work well for you.

When URL shorteners are useful?

  • Social Media Posts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – wherever space is tight, short links shine.
  • Email Newsletters: Clean up your emails and make them more professional.
  • Printed Materials: Business cards, brochures – the shorter link looks better and is easier to type.
  • SMS Text Messages: Most phones have a character limit for text, shortening the link is necessary.

A word of caution: While URL shorteners are helpful, be careful with links from sources you don’t trust. Since the actual destination is hidden, the shortened link could take you to a suspicious website.


URL shorteners are a simple but powerful tool. They’re not just about saving space – they can make your online life easier, help you track your marketing efforts, and even make your links more memorable. So the next time you see a shortened link, you’ll know there’s more to it than meets the eye!

Gaurav Kumar

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