Why do we need url shortener ?


Have you ever seen a long, complicated URL and thought, “There must be a better way to do this?” Have you ever thought? This is where URL shorteners come in! These handy tools turn bulky links into something more manageable. Let’s find out why you should use them.

1. Links That Look Good and Play Nice

No one wants to see a huge link all over their screen, especially on social media. URL shorteners create clean, lean links that are easy to crawl and comply with character limits. Plus they look more professional!

2. Sharing Made Simple

Whether you’re sharing on Twitter, Facebook, or sending a link via email, a shorter URL is easier to share. No more typos or annoying interruptions!

3. Track Your Clicks and Learn

Many URL shorteners provide integrated analytics. You can see how many times your links have been clicked, where the clicks are coming from, and even what devices people are using. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to better understand their audience.

4. Custom Links That Make You Stand Out

Some URL shorteners let you create custom links, like ” rcut.in/shortlink ” This makes your links memorable and adds a personal touch.

5. When Every Character Counts

A shortened URL can be useful if you’re sending messages or using a platform with strict restrictions. They can help you add important links without compromising your content.

6. Avoiding Spam Filters and Building Trust

Believe it or not, some long and complex URLs can be filtered for spam. Shortened links look clean and are more likely to go away.

7. Do I Need a URL Shortener?

Many platforms will automatically shorten the link for you. But if you want to monitor your links, edit them, or just make them better, the URL shortener is a great tool.


There it is! URL shorteners aren’t just about making links look better (although that certainly has its benefits). They can be powerful tools for sharing, tracking and even branding. Whether you’re a social media expert, small business owner, or just want to send a simple, catchy message, this URL shortener is worth checking out. Give them a try and see how they make your online life easier!

Gaurav Kumar

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