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Our URL Shortener Telegram bot offers a seamless way to shorten lengthy links instantly. Whether you’re on the go or need to quickly share a concise URL, our bot is here to simplify the process.


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Initiates interaction with a warm welcome and provides access to bot functionalities.


Displays user account details, including email and status.


Shows the saved API key (if provided).


Deletes the saved API key securely upon user confirmation.


Allows users to update their API key securely.


Enables the cancellation of ongoing operations or prompts to cancel an action.


  • URL Shortening: Easily shorten long URLs with a simple command.
  • Secure API Integration: Utilizes an encrypted API for seamless URL shortening.
  • User-Friendly Commands: Intuitive commands for effortless navigation.
  • Account Management: Allows users to manage their API keys and account details securely.
  • Privacy Focus: Ensures user privacy and data security throughout interactions.
  • Cancellation Options: Provides options for canceling operations to enhance user control.
  • Greetings & Assistance: Responsive bot that acknowledges greetings and offers assistance promptly.

Security Measures:

  • Encryption: Utilizes robust encryption methods to secure API interactions.
  • Alphanumeric API Keys: Requires users to provide alphanumeric API keys for enhanced security.
  • User Authentication: Validates API keys through secure methods before saving or updating.
  • Cancel Options: Provides opportunities to cancel actions to avoid unintended operations.
  • Privacy Protection: Maintains user privacy by safeguarding account information.

Experience the ease and security of URL shortening with our Telegram bot, ensuring a hassle-free and secure process for all your URL management needs.

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