Do I Need To Update ALL My Old Blog Posts? Google’s Update Explained


If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve probably got a treasure trove of older posts on your website. But in the ever-changing world of SEO, do those golden oldies still hold their value? Google’s algorithms are always evolving, and a recent update has many bloggers wondering, “Do I need to go back and revamp all of my old blog posts?”

The short answer is: maybe. Let’s break it down.

Why Google Wants Fresh Content

Google’s objective is to present its users with the most relevant and useful information. So, if a user is searching for the “best laptops for graphic design in 2024”, an article written in 2020 might not be the most useful resource, would you agree?

That’s where Google’s freshness algorithm comes in. It prioritizes up-to-date content for search queries where recent information is crucial.

When Updating Old Blog Posts is a MUST

Here are some scenarios where updating old blog posts is essential to keep up with Google’s update:

  • Outdated Information: If your posts contain technical tutorials, product reviews, or statistics, these change over time. Update those posts to stay accurate!
  • Broken Links: If you have links that lead to dead pages or errors, fix them immediately.
  • Keyword Shifts: Did you write a post about a trending topic a few years back? Revisit it and see if you can optimize it for current search terms.
  • Search Intent Shifts: Sometimes how people search for things changes. Update your posts to match current search trends.

When Updating Might NOT Be Necessary

Not every post needs a full revamp. Here’s when you probably don’t, but always double-check:

  • Evergreen Content: Recipes, personal essays, and some tutorials age surprisingly well. Check the dates and stats to be sure.
  • Posts Ranking Well: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Track your post’s rankings before you make major changes.

How to Update Old Blog Posts for SEO Success

  • Do Your Research: Check your analytics and search trends to see if people still care about the topic and what keywords they’re using now.
  • Make Substantial Changes: Don’t just change a few words. Expand sections, update examples, add new visuals…make it truly better.
  • Republish Trick: If it’s a major change, republish the post as new with a note about the upgrade. Google likes fresh content!
  • Optimize Throughout: Update your title, meta description, and internal links.
  • Promote Your Update: Share your improved content on social media and with your email list. Give it new life!

Additional Tips For Awesome Upgraded Content

  • Improved Readability: Break up long paragraphs and add subheadings for easy skimming.
  • Media Upgrade: Add new images, infographics, or a quick video to make it more engaging.

Personal Opinion:

As a blogger, I often find myself looking at my old posts with a mix of pride and horror. It’s a great exercise to go back and see how you’ve improved, and also to make sure your content library remains a valuable resource!


Don’t panic about Google’s updates! Use it as a chance to make your content even better. Prioritize updating posts focused on timely information and those that already get some traffic.


  1. Is it worth the effort to update old blog posts? Absolutely, especially if they deal with topics that require current information.
  2. How often should I revisit old posts? At least once a year. Aim to update the ones that get some traffic yet could be even better.
  3. How can I find out which keywords to target for updates? Use tools like Google Search Console or Semrush (they have free options!).
  4. Can updating old posts hurt my SEO? Only if you make changes that are irrelevant or reduce the content’s quality.
  5. Should I change the original publication date on the updated post? It depends. If it’s a major revamp, republishing as new can be beneficial.

Start by reviewing your top 10 oldest posts. Do you see opportunities to improve them for a modern audience and give them an SEO boost?

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