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Recut: Free URL shortener with QR code generator and bio pages for custom, trackable links.

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Solutions for busy business owners

Create, share, and track branded short links with custom domains and powerful analytics.


URL Shortener

Easily create & track dynamic QR codes to boost engagement and gain valuable insights. Optimize your marketing campaigns for maximum results.

qr codes

QR Codes

Download our free plugin now and witness the instant transformation of your website’s performance.

bio profiles

Bio Pages

Effortlessly create stunning social media profiles. Showcase content like links, donations, videos, and more on a single, shareable page. Simplify access to all your essential links for followers with one click.


File Hosting

Securely upload and share files with ease. Track downloads and page views for insightful analytics. Perfect for sharing with colleagues, friends, and family. Get started with our user-friendly file sharing platform today!

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The team behind our services

With a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, we bring diverse expertise to every project we undertake.

Gaurav Kumar

Developer and Owner

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